About me

Hey you!

I am Annerieke, the face behind this website. I studied marketing at the university in Groningen, worked for several years at different companies (from large traditional ones to smaller hipster startups) until I finally came to the conclusion: I want to start working for myself. And so I quit my permanent job in October 2018.

At the moment I earn my income as a freelance copywriter and by selling online courses and e-books.

On this website I take you on my entrepreneurial journey: I share articles and videos about how I experience entrepreneurship, my (online) marketing activities and every now and then a random story that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories. Who knows, maybe I can inspire you to start for yourself too – if that’s what you want – or you just enjoy reading. In any case, you are very welcome.

Some fun facts about me:
  • I grew up in a small village in the east of the Netherlands, moved to the north of the country on my 18th and have been living in the Northern-Dutch city of Groningen for over 14 years now.
  • With my 1.84 cm (~6.05 ft) most people find me quite tall. I find most people quite small ;).
  • Even though originally, I am an online marketer, I find it terrifying quite scary to show myself online. That is why I push myself a little to make videos. After all, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone – and you are the witness of that.
  • In addition to good wine, you can wake me up for Bernese Mountain Dogs and everything related to amusement parks and fairground attractions.
  • I love all kinds of music. At the moment, the sounds of Spanish reaggeaton and Dutch hip-hop mainly derive from my speakers.

Do you have any other questions or comments? You can always send me a message at a.kortier@gmail.com.